SeaCrestor AUS40 - Marine Urea Solution for SCR System

Seacrestor AUS40 Solution

Available Packaging of SeaCrestor (40% Marine Urea Solution)

Bulk Packaging

19,500 Flexitank in 20 ft Container

19,500 Flexitank is the most cost effective and environmental-friendly way of transporting SeaCrestor – 40% Urea Solution to its destination. We highly recommend this option so that greening your marine vessels don’t have to be expensive.

20,000L to 26,000L ISO Tank

Another alternative for regular supply would be to use 20,000L to 26,000L ISO Tank

Loose Packaging

1,000 L Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Tanks

1,000 L IBC tanks is recommended for shipyards for Marine SCR System commissioning and sea trial. This option is recommended for smaller vessels which do not consume as much 40% Urea Solution during operations within Emission Control Area (ECA).

SeaCrestor - 40% Marine Urea Solution Technical Datasheet

Parameters Unit Values
Urea % (m/m) 39 ~ 41
Alkalinity as NH3 % (m/m) < 0.5
Biuret % (m/m) < 0.8
Aldehydes mg/kg < 100
Insoluble matter mg/kg < 50
Phosphate(PO4) mg/kg < 1
Sodium mg/kg < 1
Calcium mg/kg < 1
Iron mg/kg < 1
Magnesium mg/kg < 1
Potassium mg/kg < 1