Why Do I Need a SCR System?

Why Do I Need a SCR System?

In order to control the NOx emission from the burning of marine fuels like:

  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Light Fuel Oil
  • Marine Gas Oil
  • Diesel

Marine Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is installed as an after exhaust treatment system. A reducing agent, in this case, SeaCrestor – 40% Urea Solution is used to react with the NOx to form less harmful gases.

Who needs SeaCrestor–40% Marine Urea Solution?

A general rule will be marine vessels that need to berth in countries under the Emission Control Area (ECA) regions set by IMO through MARPOL Annex VI.

Some of the vessel type that we have experience supplying SeaCrestor – 40% Marine SCR 40% Urea Solution:

  • Cruise Ship
  • Ferry
  • Offshore Rig
  • Offshore Support Vessel
  • Deep-Sea Cable Laying Ship
  • Shipping Container Liner
  • the list goes on…

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